Do you know that almost one-third of fresh vegetables and fruits, produced all around the world, end up in waste due to below-par quality drop?

The primary reason for such food losses is mostly the nonprofessional refrigerated transport services, mishandling and use of dysfunctional equipment as well as mismanaged operation procedures.

Unfortunately, most of the refrigerated transport services fail in delivering goods when they are in good condition. Whereas a professional company is the one that is able to deliver the goods, you have trusted them with, safely.

The majority of goods that get transported usually have a small shelf-life; thus, it is mandatory for the service providers to deliver them to their destination in the pristine state regardless of the outside weather or even in case of long-distance.

So, how can you trust a service provider with your goods?

Well, there are a few pointers that can help you make a wise decision.

A Team of Professionals

Make sure you employ a service that is fully abreast of the standard operating procedures and exercise protocols rigorously. Their team of professionals should be equipped to deliver your goods successfully, timely, safely and concerning cargo’s environmental requirements or fragility to ensure delivery of goods in an original state.

Calibrated Sensors

The major issue in refrigerated transport companies includes the malfunctioning sensor. The refrigeration unit contains sensors that must be calibrated thoroughly and at all times to accurately display and detect inside temperature. Whereas, an uncalibrated sensor shows incorrect readings which gives the driver an illusion of proper temperature conditions at the cost of spoiled goods.


The taxing sun in Dubai usually damages the compressors in the refrigeration unit, rendering it unproductive to preserve internal temperatures. Also, blocked bulkheads that are a common occurrence in many refrigerated transport companies cause an uneven supply of cold air, making items warmer.

Therefore, always hire a company that is equipped with advanced equipment management systems while maintaining the inside temperature according to goods’ specific needs, regardless of outside weather conditions.

So before picking the best and most professional refrigerated transport company, in addition to chiller van rentals, also take into the account the above-discussed pointers to ensure the safe transportation of your temperature-sensitive goods. Make sure the company offers an extensive fleet of freezer trucks, mainly designed for transporting perishable goods, including temperature-sensitive products such as chemical substances or pharmaceuticals.

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