A cold chain system is an economic catalyst for industries and businesses of varying nature. The rapidly developing UAE market has realized this fact. Cold chain logistics have opened a new area of market where fresh frozen foods can now be exported and imported unlike before. The cold chain system has proved to be vital in the trade of perishable products that are exported or imported in the UAE.

Did you know that the World Economic Forum has ranked food crises on the fourth place in the list of highest global risks?

Billions are spent on agricultural development to produce crops that are genetically modified to produce higher yields. However, the truth is, each year, billions of tons of fresh food products and food exports are lost just because of inadequate cold chain systems. Lack of proper facilities, improper food safety handling procedures and insufficient training of cold chain workers are the factors to be held responsible for the global wastage in fresh food.

The technology for controlling the temperature of specialized freezer vehicles plays a pivotal role in the economic contribution of the UAE market. The cold chain system encompasses activities and operations of businesses of varying nature. Take the biopharmaceutical sales for instance. Over $260 billion worth of biopharmaceutical sales are depending on cold chain logistics, internationally. In order to minimize losses and prevent regional economies taking the blow, the cold chain systems must be optimized. The United States of America has a competitive edge in cold chain systems internationally, coupled with minimal losses in transportation because of using only the most advanced refrigeration technologies and logistics management services in the world. Apart from the Fresh Foods suppliers, some local movers and packers in Dubai also use the Refrigerated kind of Trucks for their relocation need.

National infrastructure is a key player. In order to manage and operate smooth logistics, you must be equipped with enough power and IT infrastructure to enable seamless and efficient product distribution in the country. A supportive infrastructure that doesn’t lack in pivotal elements of the cold chain system prevents delays and losses.

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Global cold chain services account to nearly $250 billion!

Asia alone contributes around $1.2 billion in the global cold chain market. In a hot climate like that of the UAE, the cold chain services need special consideration to prevent quick spoilage of perishable fresh food items that are supplied to local markets and even exported. The transportation costs in hot regions like UAE are a discouraging and challenging obstacle for suppliers. Businesses that aren’t economic giants, such as Walmart or IKEA, do not have the capital to establish their own cold chain systems. In this case, businesses that are big and small have the fortunate option to outsource their supply to third party logistics providers. Reliable third party logistics suppliers like Frost Dubai Refrigerated Trucks save businesses and restaurants the havoc of spending a fortune establishing their own logistics system and can provide their services to restaurant operators or consumers directly. Leaving your logistics requirements in the trusty hands of Frost Dubai Refrigerated Trucks can allow you to focus on your business’s core competencies, instead of worrying about the safe transportation of your perishable goods through refrigerated trucks.

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